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The Illinois Connection
November 5, 2008, 12:11 am
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Two tall, thin men of extraordinary intelligence and uncommon perspective emerged from Illinois to lead the United States at critical moments in its history.

The first was Abraham Lincoln.

Barack Obama became the second Tuesday night.

The two men share some similarities. Lincoln was an attorney; so is Obama. Lincoln married a strong, steadfast, intelligent woman; so did Obama. Both men overcame a number of obstacles in order to rise above mediocrity. Both were remarkably dedicated to easing the plight of the common man. Both faced public excoriation by their political enemies. Both persevered.

My heartiest congratulations go to President-elect Obama, along with my most heartfelt wishes for his continued success. He will prove himself the man we the people intended to elect if he remains true to the goals, hopes and dreams he shares with us.

And, as history indicates Lincoln did, he must remain dedicated to easing the plight of the common man and to making America a better place for all of us.